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WLS Consulting
Individual Success Development

Perfect for small business owners and/or sales professionals but helps all individuals with personal or professional ambitions gain clarity and create a plan to achieve those dreams!


WLS Consulting
Organizational Culture Enhancement

Customized for organizational teams and family/couple owned businesses, we partner with your team to create a culture of shared leadership, improved structure, enhanced effectiveness and increased sales.


WLS Consulting
Leadership for Hire

Ideal for the small business owner who desires a partner for credibility, visibility, and persuasive ability, we collaborate with you to get the results you desire from the duties you dislike…so you can focus on the things that you enjoy about your business.

Individual Success Development

Success often fails to be realized. Both on a personal as well as a professional level the behaviors required to reach success are regularly abandoned long before the likelihood of achievement is even measurable.

We help you recognize and overcome the reasons for that as well as establish and maintain a plan that addresses obstacles anticipated and the resources needed to overcome them.

Participants create a visual roadmap to guide them through their process making the journey more tangible and likely to produce their desired results.


By partnering with us, clients will be empowered to:

Achieve clarity for their personal and professional life

Identify and learn to manage that negative mind clutter that creates barriers to success

Put mechanisms into place to improve perspective and tactical management skills

As a result clients realize deeper understanding of themselves and the power associated with their thoughts to accomplish sales improvement, leadership enhancement, career transitioning, business development and even greater personal health.

Organizational Culture Enhancement

One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners and corporate managers make is in failing to be intentional about their culture.  Without a clearly defined workplace environment, employees are left to determine their own priorities and rules.  Even with the best of intentions this approach leaves everyone at their own discretion and the team without integration.  Equally as dangerous, it also leaves the community the company serves without clear understanding of its philosophies and objectives.

To solve this issue, we partner with your team to develop a culture of shared leadership focused on creating the workplace of your choice which manifests in improved productivity and profitability.

For the client, this process encompasses:

Establishing an environment where everyone works to increase profitability

Empowering employees to think like business partners

Creating a workplace that enables teams to embrace and overcome change successfully

Developing structure rooted in valuable communication

Helping team members value themselves and others so everyone is safe to develop and improve behaviors that positively affect future results

Focusing on what matters to the business owner and leadership team as well as incorporating the daily insights of the front line employees, we incorporate a wealth of knowledge and awareness which creates an approach that makes elevation of the business not only possible but probable.  You determine the path you want to take and leave it to us to help you and your team members pave the way to get there.

Leadership for Hire

Most business owners admit that the task they dislike the most is managing employees. Dealing with the issues associated with completing tasks, maintaining relationships or developing people is not for everyone.  We are here to help the owner who prefers to avoid the headaches associated with management of people and processes necessary to ensure desired outcomes.

By engaging with us, the business owner:

Creates reinforcement for his/her vision

Establishes a process to identify and track accountabilities

Partners with a business strategist and growth catalyst

Moves from an environment of management to one of leadership

Develops team members with the help of expert training

Focuses on the part of the business that brings him/her joy

Experiences freedom from business ownership by periodically releasing him/her from daily activities

As a result clients realize the development of sales processes and tracking matrixes, improvement in sales, expansion in profit margins, enhancement in efficiencies, reduction in costs, development of leadership talent, increased longevity of employees as well as greater harmony and satisfaction with team members and their work-life balance.