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“Before working with Wendy, I assumed that it would be very expensive to work with a business coach. Wendy’s fees are reasonable and she can be utilized more or less to stay within your budget.”
–Terry Lammers, President, Innovate Business Brokerage Group, Inc.

“Since working with Wendy, each year my business and bottom line have improved. Her goal setting program helped us focus in on strengths and weaknesses and we built a list of agreed upon expectations for our team to help with staff accountability. Wendy helped us create a more cohesive team of WE vs. ME.”
-Luke Harris, Owner, Highland Recycling and Shredding

“Wendy understands the importance of having a healthy and productive team. She is good at identifying issues that need to be addressed and handles tough situations with tact, diplomacy, and patience. She gives you time to process necessary changes and takes you step by step to get you where you need to be.”
-Marc Voegele, Owner, Express Employment Professionals

“Wendy is very honest, transparent, and authentic. She tells it how it is in a good way and gets to the root of issues to help you build a foundation from there. Working with her has changed me for the better. I’m more accountable and confident. Our work together led to a professional promotion and a change in lifestyle habits. She makes you feel like you are her #1 client.”
-Renee Wittenauer, Property Manager, CMG

“Before working with Wendy, I thought that a business coach would mostly give time management and practical advice. But Wendy helps more with positive thinking and your business mental game. She helped me change the way I react to things and as a result, my outlook is a lot brighter. I’m better able to think outside the box and see things in a different light.”
-Dave Kunkel, President, Kunkel Commercial Group, Inc.

“One thing that amazes me about Wendy is that nothing that comes out of our conversations seems to rattle her. She is always able to wrap her mind around the real issue, rather than getting sidetracked by other things. She is someone who truly walks beside you and cheers you on. She believes in the people she is coaching.”
-Diana Voegele, Owner, Express Employment Professionals

“Before working with Wendy, I didn’t believe in the business coach concept. After meeting Wendy, I experienced the value of working with a coach. She didn’t give me her opinion; she walked me through the process so that I could think through the decision myself. She helped me work through my negative thought processes to decide what I really wanted to do as I transitioned to my new position.”
-Rob Pickerell, VP of Consumer Business Banking, Regions Bank

“Wendy is very well prepared, thorough, and extremely experienced. She exudes professional confidence and knowledge. Wendy will reveal problems that you don’t see and she helps build trust between owners and employees. I can’t imagine anyone not fairing better after having worked with Wendy.”
-Bob Reynolds, Owner, Solomon Network Solutions

“I took a class Wendy was offering to members of our networking group. I felt like I had a lot of training in the past and didn’t think I would benefit much. I was pleasantly surprised with what Wendy had to offer. Her coaching was very applicable and she conducts her training with enthusiasm.”
-Jody Talick, Branch Manager, American Portfolio Mortgage

“Wendy brings order out of chaos. Through Wendy I was able to uncover my own deeply rooted issues that were limiting my success in the company. In addition, she helped me put structure and a framework in place for all of our team to operate in. Wendy does a lot more than just set up policies and procedures. She helps get to the mind and heart of her clients.”
-Dan Hatter, Owner, Hatter’s Church Organ Services

“I feel very fortunate to work with Wendy. Unlike other coaches who want to generalize advice, she takes the time to listen and identify a clear direction without taking over. Our business was struggling last year and after working with Wendy, we were able to pull it back on track and ended up with a gain. She is very knowledgeable in many facets and brings lots of energy to the program as well as her infectious positive attitude. “
-Jim Beaty, Franchise Owner, CertaPro Painters

“Since working with Wendy, my frustration level has gone down. Wendy backs her approach with data and facts and is an example of what she teaches. I definitely have a more thoughtful and purpose driven approach to our practice now. I ask why we are doing this and how are we going to get where we need to be.”
-Kathy Droege, Practice Coordinator, Breese Dental Care

“My sales have easily doubled since I started working with Wendy. She completely changed the way I run my business, handle my clients, and approach my sales prospecting… all in a good way.”
-Mike Shadwick, Managing Partner, Schweiss Insurance Agency, Inc.

“Wendy is very understanding and easy to get along with. She talks to you on a personal level and sees how things outside of your work affect you and how those things fit into your business life. She is a very authentic person, and doesn’t give you scripted responses.”
-Bob Madewell, Business Account Executive, Spectrum Business

“As a result of working with Wendy, our business increased by 40%. Wendy spent time with our personal assessment and goals and then prepared a realistic yet challenging path to reach our goals.”
-Scott Worley, Owner, Scenic Route Landscape and Design

“Since working with Wendy, I protect myself and my time better as a business owner and have less need for other’s approval. Wendy is very personable and professional. She’s definitely helped me reduce my stress and enjoy my work more.”
-Bruce Burk, Owner, Total Fitness

“Wendy is a fascinating person who helped me with my business and my personal life. She takes a holistic approach and helps you compartmentalize how each area of your life needs to be addressed. She helps you get in touch with who you are so you can move forward showing that unique person to others. Since working with Wendy, my confidence has increased and because of her mentorship and modeling, I am a better coach to my own team.”
-Virginia Kerr, Independent Consultant, Rodan and Fields

“Since working with Wendy, I got a new job and my pay has increased. The cost of her service is well worth it. She helped me both professionally and personally. Wendy definitely goes above and beyond.”
– Jeff Wade, Sales Executive, Paycor Individual Development

“I came to Wendy after hearing others talk about the great results they had after working with her. Even though I worked with her in a group setting, I never felt like just one of the crowd. Wendy takes a very personal approach and brings enthusiasm and joy to everything she does. She helped me see the positive in everything I was doing and see past the negatives to the bigger picture. Wendy gave me the ability to enjoy what I’m doing. She’s given me the confidence I was lacking which has benefited me both personally and professionally.”
– Lisa Reiss, Sales Manager, PuroClean Emergency Restoration 

“I was looking for a way to improve personally and professionally, but I wasn’t sure if I could afford to work with Wendy. It took me a month before I finally called her. The money that I put into working with her was absolutely worth it. I received so much more in return. Since working with Wendy, I’ve gone from being middle of the road in my sales to breaking records and blowing my business out of the water. And I’ve continued making progress on my own. Wendy completely changed my mindset and gave me the tools to pull myself out of any negative mind clutter. I understand my own thinking process now and am able to keep everything in a more positive perspective. Working with Wendy has been life changing.”
-Jacquelyn Shadwick, Account Manager, Advanced Tissue

“Wendy is very easy to talk to and has a unique way of helping you open up by establishing a relationship of trust. I’ve seen dramatic changes personally and professionally in myself from our work together. She helped me to change my thought process and provided a wealth of resources for my continued growth. Working with Wendy was key to getting a recent promotion. Wendy helped me learn to be less reactionary with my staff and to be a better listener. She’s open, honest, sincere and available whenever needed.”
-Kristin Taddei, Area Vice President of Operations, Amedisys Home Health

“Wendy is a phenomenal business coach. Her insights about life in general, combined with her quick, smart, and fun personality help her turn clients into friends. She gets to know you on a professional and personal level and always gives you 100% of her time and attention. She looks at where you are and helps you move to where you want to be.”
-Denise Carter, Associate, Bonvera

“As a job and career transitions coach myself, spending time going through the process of goal setting with Wendy was extremely helpful to me. It’s not always easy or natural to focus on yourself, but Wendy has a wonderful way of meeting you where you are and pulling you up to the next level. She works with you to collectively set goals. I’m much more effective both personally and professionally from the time I’ve spent with Wendy.”
-Joe Bloomquist, Program Specialist, Veterans Affairs

“I love Wendy! Wendy is a reliable and giving professional. She is a very good sounding board and helps you discover the issues behind your business performance. Her calm intellectual and spiritual mentorship help you see possibilities that you didn’t see before. One of the biggest takeaways from my work with Wendy has been learning to say no. Wendy showed me how to own my no and that a difficult client is not worth the stress.”
-Konya Bloomquist, Owner, Austins Mohair Socks

“I found Wendy’s program to be well-structured, interactive and thought-provoking. The topics covered were of practical relevance to help improve my management practices and bring about new creative insights. I would recommend Wendy as an Executive Coach to anyone looking to realize what is really important, some to listen carefully and non-judgmentally then explore suggestions for actions that were apparent but only became very clear after discussions with you, and stay focused on personal and professional goals and achieve sustainable results. I have walked away from our engagement with a treasure trove of actions and ideas that will drive my approach for a long time to come.”
-Laurie Louvier, Marketing Services Manager, SeaStar Solutions

“I chose to work with Wendy because my business was growing and gaining momentum which presented a new set of challenges. I wanted to be proactive in managing the growth so it happened in an organized fashion. We were also in the middle of ownership succession so Wendy was able to help both generations during the transition. Wendy facilitated the tough conversations so they were more productive and as a whole, the organization has become more committed to the end result of creating happy customers. Wendy creates a custom approach for each client and goes the extra mile to ensure everything goes smoothly.”
-Mark Mueller, Owner and General Manager, Mueller Furniture

“Wendy made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. She’s a no nonsense person who is easy to work with. She helped me realize why I do what I do and helped me grow both personally and professionally. From working with Wendy, I’m more confident in my business and aware of what I need to do to turn my business around during the down times. I learned so much from working with her.”
-Bridget Hurst, Rodan and Fields

“It was helpful to work with someone who understood my passion for what I do. Wendy is very professional and honest. She helped me learn to celebrate my wins as a female business owner. When my business plateaued, Wendy gave me a big picture perspective and had great ideas for overcoming smalls struggles, which equaled a better work flow and helped us address clientele better. Working with Wendy has made me more confident in addressing employees and I’ve become a better individual on a personal level.”
-Anna Venhaus, Owner and Photographer, Photography by Anna

“Wendy has so much knowledge about balancing business and family life. She shared her tools and experience and taught me how to utilize those tools. She took my concerns and helped me focus on the most important things. Working with her helped me to make sense of my day and get control of things to fit it all in. I really appreciate her consistency, diligence, and the fact that she is an emotionally safe place to talk things through.”
-Holly Reed, Rodan and Fields

“We were going through an ownership change in our business and needed someone to help us work through the transition. We’ve worked with a lot of different business coaches over the years. The difference with Wendy is that she takes a more personal, whole life approach instead of solely focusing on your business. She helps you set personal goals first and then focus on the business. Setting personal goals first allowed us to work on ourselves and then the business, which was the most important thing.”
-David Padgett, Owner and General Manager of Padgett Building

“I was transitioning to retirement and needed to tie up some loose ends and details. Wendy’s attention to detail helped us stay focused. It felt like we were the only company she was working with. I’d recommend Wendy to anyone wanting to make a change. You have to be willing to do the work and she will keep you accountable. We’ve worked with other business coaches in the past, but Wendy had the most impact on my personal and business goals.”
-Ron Padgett, CEO and Owner of Padgett Building

“Wendy is a good listener and she asks good questions. When I started this process, I never dreamed that my life would feel as ordered as it does now. Wendy helped me prioritize and reorder my life in areas I didn’t even know I needed help in. Working with Wendy at this point in my life is the best thing I could have done for myself.”
-Don Padgett, President of Padgett Building


“My husband and I began working with Wendy because we wanted to grow together. We liked that Wendy has a structured program so you are not only setting goals. You are advancing through the program. Since working with Wendy, my husband and I are more on the same page and more supportive of each other. Wendy understands the direct sales business model. She helps with onboarding and systems. She has experience with top earners in direct sales and helps you clarify your steps so you can achieve your vision.”
-Morgan and Jeannette Freed, Freed Family Fitness


“I knew Wendy before I went through her program. Wendy is likable, trustworthy, and successful. The accountability piece of her program was needed for me as a sole practitioner. I needed to bounce ideas off of someone and work towards those goals. I recommend my clients to Wendy a lot because she is genuine. The value that she brings is really a way for a business owner to partner with someone who is gifted at understanding what keeps owners from success.”
-Carol Sparks, Attorney


“Our CEO selected Wendy and we worked with her as a group. I’ve worked with consultants in the past without great results. I knew right away that Wendy was different. She was invested in our success. I was able to apply tools that she introduced right away and I saw results. Wendy empowers groups and I’ve definitely seen positive changes in our organization. For me personally, my productivity has increased and I am able to set and accomplish goals in a more timely manner.”
-Tina Duepner, Chief Financial Officer, Pony Bird Inc.


“I worked with Wendy in conjunction with my husband. Going through the program as a couple, we were pleasantly surprised by the results. I was close-minded going into the coaching, but Wendy gave us awesome resources and helped us have aha moments. Working with Wendy has changed how my husband and I handle our employees. Other coaches seemed too domineering, but Wendy made a connection with us right away. We loved her unique curriculum and distinct coaching style.”

-Jessica Mull, Owner, D&D Tire Service


“Wendy helped me define my goals and uncover my unique niche. By bringing out my passion, she has helped my business grow tremendously over this past year. Wendy is very personable, but also direct which I love. She cleared the gray areas away and took the time to see my personal vision and embrace what I wanted for my business.”
-Dr. Heidi Brocke, CEO, Edge Chiropractic & Wellness


“We went through Wendy’s Organizational Culture Enhancement Program. Our company was not in a crisis and things were going well, but we wanted an outside observer to teach us how we might improve our company culture. Wendy saw us as friends and really cared about us. She is open and emphasizes creating a safe environment in the work place. She helped us envision our ideal environment and create a standard of excellence for our culture with structure, rules, and a smoother workflow process. Through our time with Wendy we became more aware of our existing company culture and realized how much that affects employee and company effectiveness. Wendy assisted us in visualizing our ideals and identifying practical ways to reach those ideals.”
– Ray Notgrass, President, Notgrass Company


“My human resources professional recommended Wendy and she has met and exceeded my expectations. Wendy is an amazing coach who is an expert at asking the right questions and helping solve problems. Working with Wendy has made me a stronger, more confidant, and resilient professional. Her ability to retain information and keep things relevant is remarkable. She leads you to the right conclusion for yourself.”
-Julie Gibbs, Director of Women’s Philanthropy at Jewish Federation of St. Louis


“I chose to work with Wendy because of the work she’s done with our family business. She helped me facilitate an event that I was organizing. I loved Wendy’s energy. Her positivity kept the whole group focused and motivated about what we were doing. Wendy is completely invested in the people she works with and truly gets to know them and understands their personality.”

-Donna Green, Business Development Manager, Advanta Clean