Individual Development

Clarifying Your Goals…
Managing Your Mindset…
Enriching Your Outcome!

Team Development

Creating Your Culture…
Empowering Your Employees…
Improving Your Profitability!

Leadership & Sales Development

Enhancing Your Influence…
Strengthening Your Accountability…
Increasing Your Results!

What’s on your business success wish list?

  • More sales?
  • Corporate growth?
  • A motivated, high-performing team?
  • Low turnover?
  • Collaboration instead of conflict?
  • A pipeline of available, empowered, trustworthy talent?
  • A leadership team with strong executive presence, positioning, and posturing?
  • Better work/life balance?
  • Worry-free time off?
  • A thriving legacy to pass on to the next generation?

Every business is different, and so is every business owner’s vision of success.

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What is Standing in Your Way?

  • Weak sales process and training?
  • Revenue rollercoaster?
  • Wrong people on the team?
  • High turnover?
  • Toxic team dynamics?
  • Reactive recruiting?
  • Undefined chain of command and strategic career pathing?
  • Ownership energy, balance, and focus?
  • Lengthy rebounding and rejuvenation?
  • Uncertainty or lack of clarity and vision?

Business owners and their teams often need help with facilitation, translation, and augmentation to find the winning solution!

We help entrepreneurs and executives overcome the personal and professional challenges that stand in their way, so they can achieve their own unique version of success.

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WLS Consulting works with entrepreneurial organizations to create a winning culture of leadership. Our clients learn techniques and processes to increase sales and profitability. As a result, there is improved satisfaction, abundance, and freedom for everyone from the newest team member all the way up to the C-Suite.
We recognize that the basis of every achievement is a winning mindset. Our business coaching services address not just the mindset of individuals, but also the collective mindset of the team. We help you identify your unique winning mindset, then guide you as you transform yourself and your business from the inside out to ensure your culture empowers that mindset.

Coaching Couple and Family Preneurs and Your Entrepreneurial Family

Do you work with family members?  At its core, your business is a family. Whether connected by blood or only a business agreement, your team’s objective is ultimately to succeed and build wealth. WLS Coaching works to improve the interpersonal relationships that make that possible. We excel at helping couples, siblings, parents and children, friends, as well as solopreneurs, reach their full potential.

Owner and President, Wendy Symer, works with businesses large and small on:

  • organizational processes
  • sales training
  • team building
  • executive coaching
  • leadership and delegation
  • strategic recruiting
  • company culture
  • and much more

We begin with time-tested, proven methods, and adapt each program to fit the needs and goals of your unique business team. We meet you where you are, without judgement, working within your preferred corporate structure and belief system. Our programs are flexible and adjustable. They provide precisely what your team needs to propel toward empowerment and profitability.


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Executive Coaching/Individual Success Development

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Organizational Culture Enhancement/Team Development

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Consultant on Call/Leadership Liaison and Facilitation

About Wendy L. Symer

Learn more about WLS Consulting’s Founder, Owner, and CEO, Wendy Symer.
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