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Executive Coaching/Individual Success Development

Our individual program is for small business owners, sales professionals, and anyone with a desire for more personal clarity and professional success.

Goal-setting exercises and a strategic plan will provide the tools to turn aspirations into reality. You will learn to recognize the obstacles blocking the way to achievement and contentment in both your work and personal life. Gain a deeper understanding of how the power of your thoughts are tied to your goals. Learn to manage negative mind clutter, adjust your perspective, and strengthen interpersonal skills.

This program is designed to help participants develop and experience

Individual Success Development is a stand-alone program, but is also recommended for owners, managers, and staff leaders as the first step in the Organizational Culture Enhancement process. It lays the personal groundwork for those in leadership positions as they move toward achieving the goals of their business.

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Organizational Culture Enhancement/Team Development

Our Group Program begins with a deep dive into the existing corporate culture, workflow, and processes of the organization.

We often recommend that key personnel complete an individual program. Then we assess the workplace environment, along with the corporate priorities, philosophies, and objectives. Using team building and sales training, we work with the entire team to create a culture of shared leadership. The result is a cohesive workforce where everyone is working with direction and purpose toward a common goal; shared leadership in an environment where no one is threatened when another steps up to the plate.

Benefits of the Organizational Culture Enhancement Program are:
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The Group Program is appropriate for organizations of all sizes. It provides the framework for teams to work together in a culture that benefits both the individual as well as the company as a whole. To encourage full participation, we ensure a confidential, safe environment based on trust, openness, and honesty.

Consultant on Call/Leadership Liaison and Facilitation

In every business, issues can arise requiring time and skills that the management team simply does not have. Few can justify adding personnel to the payroll for a temporary challenge, short-term project, or ongoing development.

Our Consultant on Call/Leadership Liaison and Facilitation services provide alternatives, offering help tailored to your needs and on your timetable. We offer our professional credibility, visibility, and persuasive ability to collaborate with you for a limited engagement or an ongoing maintenance contract. Let us handle the duties you dislike or do not have time to complete. You can focus on the things you enjoy about your business.

Some examples of Consultant on Call/Leadership Liaison and Facilitation engagements include:
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